Ecosystem Partners

We all have different health and wellbeing needs at different stages in our lives.

dacadoo technology is delivered to millions of customers around the world. To ensure we reach each customer and remain relevant, we build a platform ecosystem with many of our clients. This enables us to cover specific content areas via a carefully selected network of specialized partners.

Types of partnerships​

Partner content integrated into dacadoo

The dacadoo platform covers health promotion and all aspects of a healthy lifestyle with content covering body, mind and lifestyle (exercise, nutrition, stress and sleep). We complement this with content from partners who offer specialist content in the above areas. The content is integrated into dacadoo and delivered via the automated coach.

Disease management content and programs

The dacadoo platform covers health and at-risk populations. It is not a medical product and therefore does not cover disease management. dacadoo is always on the lookout for partners who can provide disease-specific content, coaching or services.

Why partner with us?

  • Access to customers: we introduce certified partners to existing clients.
  • Access to user volume: dacadoo technology is used by clients all over the world addressing a potential user volume in the millions.
  • Referral to the partner offering via smart triage: we can help deliver specific partner content to our users.