Corporate Health Service Providers

Create a health and wellness program that leads to positive and lasting change in your organization through data-driven, personal and engaging experiences.

Empower your employees to engage with their health and drive long-term behavior change with the dacadoo Health Engagement Platform and dacadoo GO.

Health Engagement Platform

The dacadoo Health Engagement Platform encourages employees to achieve and maintain healthy lifestyle habits. We combine our patented dacadoo Health Score with personalized and automated health coaching to inspire and motivate employees.

Why clients work with us

  • White label offers full branding and content configuration
  • Platform accessible via mobile (iOS, Android) and web apps
  • Informative and engaging content available in over 13 languages
  • Quick and simple user onboarding
  • Highly engaging challenges covering activity, nutrition, stress relief and sleep
  • Corporate groups with personalization options for employers
  • Points rewarding healthy behavior and an optional rewards shop
  • Track over 120 activities with the platform and synchronize popular wearables and tracking apps
  • High level of data security and data privacy (GDPR, HIPAA)
  • Offers insight into user behavior with comprehensive reports on usage, retention and engagement
  • Helps to improve and maintain health and wellbeing of employees

Walking Campaigns

dacadoo GO is our gamified, location-based walking app that transforms walking into an interactive game. Ideal for simple, fun corporate health campaigns, walking challenges and as an interactive engagement solution.

  • Fun and engaging mobile app solution available on iOS & Android.
  • Branded and personalized white label app, with custom locations, content, digital treasure hunts and challenges
  • Translation into any language upon request
  • Anonymized engagement reports
  • Quick and simple implementation